Bling Family

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Current Known Family Members

The Bling Family is a family of 5 known cars who frequent the GUCCI feeder. The family consists of Ms. Gucci, Mrs. Chanel, Ms. Prada, Mr. Supreme, and presumably Mr. Tom Ford. The family is named due to the fact all cats in the family are named after designer clothes brand.

List of Members

Ms. Gucci - Mrs. Chanel's Sister and Mr. Tom Ford's sister-in-law. Ms. Gucci is fluffy, mostly black, has orange spots, and lines.

Mrs. Chanel - Mother of Mr. Prada and Mr. Supreme, and presumably, Mr. Tom Ford's wife. Mrs. Chanel has medium-length hair with a back of brown with orange splotches, the face is similar to a tabby cat's, and a white chest.

Mr. Tom Ford - Unknown

Ms. Prada - Mr. Supreme's sister. Tortie with a dilute back of brown and orange splotches.

Mr. Supreme - Ms. Prada's brother. Adolescent orange tabby kitten