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Welcome to StreetCatWiki!

StreetCatWiki aims to document cats and other visitors of the Hello Street Cat (哈啰街猫) streams.

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This is a wiki for the English-Speaking community for cats spotted at the Hello Street Cat Feeders across China. Our goal is to document and write about the many cats and other creatures that visit these feeders.

The names and relevance of some cats may differ from the Chinese community that watches natively on the Hello Street Cat app. StreetCatWiki is not affiliated with 'Hello Street Cat'. It is run by fans/enthusiasts of street cats.

Before making a page, please look at our Guidelines. We also have a To-Do page if you wish to help out but don't know where.

Did you know?
Snow Miser sometimes appears on the feeder with his tail incredibly thin, it is believed that he sticks his tail into the water bowl sometimes for no reason.

Mr. Jazzy likes to camp on top of the Cat House, chasing off anyone who approaches.
Big Grey lives in a tree near the Tanuki Squad feeder. Sometimes when he's finished eating, you can see him climbing the tree!

Featured Cat

Ms. Carpet is a cat from Happy Canteen. She is a more recent visitor, but has quickly reached fan favourite status. She often has a very sad expression. Ms. Carpet stays at the Cat House for extremely long periods - she even has the record for longest time spent eating!

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Exterior of a "Hello Street Cat Intelligent Stray Cat Management House"

What is Hello Street Cat? (哈啰街猫)

Main article: Hello Street Cat

哈啰街猫 or "Hello Street Cat" is an app developed by Guangxi Hachong Network Technology Co., Ltd. and launched in April 2023. This app strives to facilitate the feeding of stray cats, by the use of various "Intelligent Stray Cat Management Houses", which can record and stream video as well as dispense kibble, treats every time a user donates through the "Hello Street Cat" app. The main goals with this program is to Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR), feed strays, and encourage adoption.


Cat (Felis catus) is a domesticated member of the Felidae family in the Carnivora order, and it is the smallest member. Domestic cats, like all felids, have long tails that help with balance, supple low-slung bodies, finely shaped heads, and specialized teeth and claws that help them adapt well to an active hunting lifestyle. Cats, like their wild predecessors, are primarily carnivorous, incredibly agile and muscular, and move with precision. (Fox, 2024)

In the Hello Street Cat, these cats are being livestreamed while they are fed by the feeder through viewer's donations. The community admired the cats, as each cat has their own personalities, thus cats having their own popularity and name made by the community.

In the community, Cat is also nicknamed as Car, as for the reason, it was because some people accidentally misspell cats due to fast-typing in their keyboard while chatting in the livestream. Therefore, the EN community made it into some inside-joke. (ex. Mr. Fresh car instead of Mr. Fresh cat)

The cats in the Hello Street Cat application believed to be living in Shanghai, China.


Feeders are locations where various cats can eat. Every feeder has their own cats, decorations and events. Most cats visit only one feeder, although some feeder are in close proximity. is the recommended way to view feeders as of now. It allows you to watch the most popular feeders and random feeders that currently have cats in them.

Check the individual feeder pages for their link and other ways to watch their streams.

Top 10 all feeders
Individual Feeder Winners
Happy Canteen Auspicious Restaurant
Lucky 7-Eleven Ⅱ Baldie Carrot

Other Feeders Winners

February Monthly TNR Report

February 2024 Street Cat TNR Monthly Report

● 25,125 cats spayed/neutered

● 436 spay/neuter vouchers issued

● 274 cats captured.

25,125 cats spayed and neutered in the feeder areas

As of February 2024, we have spayed and neutered 25,125 cats in the feeder areas with the help of our Cattendants, partner brands, and the Street Cat app. After Little Tiger of Pocket Feeder moved into his garage, his Cattendant provided him with a kitty hut, a food bowl, and a water bowl. Every day his Cattendant would go to top up his food dish and every day he would happily stuff his face with kibble. As expected, he eventually became a fat little kitty. Before that, everyone tried three times to catch him and failed. It was only until the prosperous New Year that Cattendant @SweetPotato managed to take him to the vet to be neutered.

From the 街猫APP Douyin account (

More info on TNR