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This page is the List of Other Cats, contains all of the identified cats in the Hello Street Cat streams that are not as popular as other feeders.


  • All Identified Cats - A comprehensive list of known feline personalities from other feeders arranged alphabetically.
    • Gallery

All Identified Cats

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Here are all the cats (categorized by feeders):

  • Abandoned Angels Feeder (Mr. Yap's Feeder) Cats
  • Eat and Drink Without Worries ~ Happy Meow Island ⌯'ㅅ'⌯ (Ms. Smore's Feeder) Cats
  • Eat Enough Every Day (Coal Ball Baby's feeder) Cats
  • Gagaxuan Canteen (Ms. Toast's Feeder) Cats
  • GOODCAT Cats
  • GUCCI (Ms. Gucci/Bling Family's Feeder) Cats
  • Guitar Cat & Robot Cat Feeder Cats
  • Hi Meow (Mr. Eyes' Feeder) Cats
  • John's Canteen (John's Feeder) Cats
  • Meows Who Love to Eat (Mr. Gunk's Feeder) Cats
  • Orange Cat Daycare (Mrs. Scam's Feeder) Cats
  • Soaring Cat (Soup Club Feeder) Cats
  • Tanuki Squad Cats
  • Team BingBing Helps Stray Cats Find Their Forever Home Cats
  • Ten Thousand Kitties House
  • YiShan Stray Cat Base (Mr. Jail's Feeder) Cats
  • YouZi's Animal Canteen (Mr. Smoky's Feeder) Cats

Abandoned Angel Cats (Mr. Yap's Feeder)

A feeder placed in an abandoned building that serves as a safe space for cats to eat and to rest.

Eat and Drink Without Worries ~ Happy Meow Island ⌯'ㅅ'⌯ Cats (Ms. Smore's Feeder)

A feeder hidden inside a cozy tented area, providing a safe haven for many cats.

Eat Enough Every Day Cats (Coal Ball Baby's Feeder)

Gagaxuan Canteen Cats (Ms. Toast's Feeder)


GUCCI Cats (Ms. Gucci/Bling Family's Feeder)

A feeder simply named "GUCCI" that is home to a family of five cats, the Bling Family, among others.

Guitar Cat & Robot Cat Cats

Hi Meow Cats (Mr. Eyes' Feeder)

A feeder in an unknown grassy area that tends to attract a lot of insects. It has a few dedicated visitors

John's Canteen Cats (John's Feeder)

A feeder home to the most handsome and famous, John. The feeder is currently decommissioned indefinitely.

Meows Who Love to Eat Cats (Mr. Gunk's Feeder)

Orange Cat Kindergarten Cats (Mrs. Scam’s Feeder)

A feeder hidden under a shady corner filled with brush. Cats here use their own wit, cunning, and cuteness to get their fill of kibbles.

Soaring Cat Cats (Soup Club Feeder)

Tanuki Squad Cats

Team BingBing Helps Stray Cats Find Their Forever Home Cats

A feeder, home to large amounts of cats, proclaimed the Yakuza feeder due to the kitties' intimidating looks.

Ten Thousand Kitties House Cats (Mrs. Dress' Feeder)

YiShan Stray Cat Base Cats (Mr. Jail's Feeder)

YouZi's Animal Canteen Cats (Mr. Smoky's Feeder)

A feeder nearby a parking lot overlooking a river; this popular feeder is home to a plethora of cats and dogs that often gather together.