Mr. Itachi

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Mr. Itachi
Breed Chinese Tank (unconfirmed) Munchkin?
Coat Blue
Sex Male
Rarity Rare
Occupation Freeloader, probably not trustworthy.
Appearance Short and Stubby.
First known sighting May 16, 2024, around 11:45AM (LFT).
Itachi walking around...

Mr. Itachi, is one of the cats found at the Team BingBing Helps Stray Cats Find Their Forever Home feeder series. He was named after his interesting build, as he resembled a ferret or weasel; which resulted in his name being Itachi, which can be translated to 'weasel' in Japanese.


Itachi, for lack of better words, is all bark no bite in terms of his behavior. While he does seem very fierce and unattracted to the attention of other cats, seeing that he was quite hostile to the attention of Mr. Yankee, however it appears that he does not mind the presence of humans.

And on the other hand, Itachi can essentially only be seen sleeping. It is a rare occasion to see him eat. Otherwise, that's all, as he can rarely be seen doing anything on the cams, other than sleep.


Judging from his appearance, Mr. Itachi seems to be a Chinese Tank, a cross-breed between a British Shorthair, and a Minuet, however it is a leading probability, that he is a mix cat, rather than a pure-bread Tank.

  • He has a short and stubby set of legs, but an extremely long body. His fur is also extremely spiky, which can be seen prevalently when he is sleeping. Weird. He just looks weird. However, from his coat color, Itachi joins the trio of grey, similar looking cats with Mr. Tobashi and Mr. Boss. Also he is considerably smaller in frame.
Mr. Itachi from above.


May 2024

  • May 16, 2024: Mr. Itachi was first fully distinguished from his predecessor, Mr. Boss on this date at 11:45AM (LFT). Where he was sitting down to rest and take a name at Feeder 3, where viewers got a good look at his interesting appearance. He then nested down to take a nap. Weird.
  • May 18, 2024: Around 07:50AM (LFT), Itachi was spotted resting yet again at Feeder 3, slouching about and simply relaxing. Viewers could tell his oddness even through the screen. Mr. Boss then joined him for a small period of time, however due to Itachi's judgmental stare, he quickly left.
  • May 21, 2024: Spotted at Feeder 1 at 09:45AM (LFT), he was looking especially shady, being cloaked in the shadows as he stared into the feeder camera. He then napped the day away.
  • May 25, 2024: Making a Feeder 1 appearance at around 08:50AM (LFT), Itachi was seen finally, doing something other than sleeping. In which, he finally ate from the feeder bowl. His eating was then interrupted by Mr. Yankee, and to that interruption, Itachi quickly responded by growling and threatening Yankee, while on the other hand, Mr. Yankee just stared blankly in response to the audacity Mr. Itachi had.

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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