The SanWei Bookstore's Kitty Canteen

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The SanWei Bookstore's Kitty Canteen (三味书屋猫猫食堂) is a feeder on the Hello Street Cat app. As of February 26, the feeder on the app has 151000+ followers and is the 2nd most followed.


The origin of the name is from the saying "Three Tastes" (三味) by ancient Chinese scholars in regards to their opinion towards reading books. The saying is as follows;


- The original saying in Classical Chinese


- The saying in Modern Chinese

"To read the Four Books and Five Classics[1] is as if you're eating the rice or the noodles of the meal, they are the central to the experience; To read the Records of the Grand Historian[2] is as if you're sipping the delicate wine or eating the most expensive dish of the meal; To read the Hundred Schools of Thought[3] is as if you're tasting the soy sauce or the vinegar, as in the seasoning of the meal"

- The saying translated to English and with context

The SanWei Bookstore is where the famous Chinese author Lu Xun (周樹人) studied at when he was in his teens.[4]

How to Watch

You can watch the streams manually by playing it on VLC Media Player.

You can also watch the stream on

There is also the Hello Street Cat app, though you will need a Chinese phone number.

What the Feeder looks like