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This page is the List of Cats, contains all of the identified cats in the Hello Street Cat streams that are popular. Most of the cats listed are from the Happy Canteen / Mr. Fresh's Feeder.


  • All Identified Cats - A comprehensive list of known feline personalities arranged alphabetically.
    • Gallery
    • Listed
  • Other Unlisted Cats - Felines not included in the Identified Cats section, potentially being rarer or lesser-known species awaiting proper identification or documentation.

All Identified Cats

Rules before adding:

  • Cats must have achieved a significant level of uniqueness, recognition and/or fame from the community for it to be included. If not, list it below Other Unlisted Cats.
  • If it is from another feeder, please look into the List of Other Cats page for other feeders
  • Any significant additions or changes should be discussed and agreed upon by the wiki community to ensure accuracy and consensus. By adhering to these rules, contributors can ensure that our wiki can remains as a fun, reliable and informative resource for street cat enthusiasts alike.

Here are all the cats (categorized by feeders):

  • The Happy Canteen (Mr. Fresh's Feeder) Cats
  • Auspicious Restaurant (Mr. Fresh's Second Feeder) Cats
  • Lucky 7-Eleven Ⅱ (Mr. Snack's Feeder) Cats
  • Baldie Carrot, the Cats' Protector (Duck Feeder) Cats
  • App Only Feeder Cats

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The Happy Canteen Cats (Mr. Fresh's Feeder)

Also known as "Mr. Fresh's Feeder" It's the most popular feeder in the Hello Street Cat app and has the biggest list of cats by far.

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The Auspicious Restaurant Cats (Mr. Fresh Second Feeder)

Also known as "Mr. Fresh's Feeder 2" A notably calmer feeder than the Happy Canteen, is also in the same park.

See full list

Lucky 7-Eleven Ⅱ Cats (Mr. Snack's Feeder)

Also known as "Mr. Snack's Feeder" a feeder with a whole new list of interesting characters.

See full list

Baldie Carrot, the Cats' Protector Cats (Duck Feeder)

See full list

App Only Feeder Cats (Ordered by their feeders)

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List by Names (all cats from all feeders; alphabetically):