Ms. Honk

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Ms. Honk
Other name(s) Phonk
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Unknown
Sex Female
Rarity Uncommon
Occupation Between Jobs, car (speculated)
Appearance A white, black, and brown tabby
Personality Brave, can withstand loud noises
First known sighting

February 15th, 2024

08:15 PM (LFT)
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Partner None
Children None
Other Enemies with Ms. Sleepy

Ms. Honk is a cat that appeared on the cameras on February 5th, 2024, 08:15 PM (LFT). She got her name due to the fact that a car was heard honking in the background while she was eating. She has been seen at least a few times a day since her first sighting. She's been sighted at the Happy Canteen and the Auspicious Restaurant.


From her first sighting it can be deduced that she isn't afraid of loud noises, as she wasn't frightened by the car honking, although she did get scared by the feeder. Ms. Honk has repeatedly had beef with Ms. Sleepy, often scaring her away from the feeder on March 7th and March 9th.


She is a mostly gray tabby and has black stripes along her back, legs, and head. Her belly and paws are white, as is most of her face below her eyes, with the exception of brown markings on her muzzle and nose. The tip of her left ear is notched as evidence of her having been successfully trapped and spayed. She appears to be quite chunky. She is among the glossiest of all cats, and can sometimes be easily recognized by her otherworldly gleam.

Ms. Honk from above


February 2024

  • February 05, 2024: At around 08:15 PM (LFT), Ms. Honk was first sighted. She was sighted again around an hour later.
  • February 10, 2024: Ms. Honk appeared whilst an orange cat, assumed to be Mr. Normal, was eating. They both had a stand off, but then Ms. Honk accidentally fell off the platform. Humiliated, she watched with a bitter look as the cat ate and ate. Thankfully though, after the cat was finished, Ms. Honk would have her turn on the feeder; but suddenly, Mr. Beef showed up and a fight broke out. Ultimately, Ms. Honk left, as she could not catch a break.
  • February 11, 2024: Ms. Honk appeared again and attacked an orange tabby cat, which forced him to leave.
  • February 15, 2024: At 04:33 PM (LFT), a fight between Ms. Kirby and Ms. Honk broke out, in which Ms. Honk gained a victory.
  • February 22, 2024: She was sighted after being growled at by Mr. Island.
  • February 23, 2024: At around 01:14 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was sighted slapping Ms. Chess once. She was sighted the same day at Auspicious Restaurant around 02:10 AM (LFT). It seems she doesn't dare return to Happy Canteen after the incident with Ms. Chess. After 3 minutes of eating, the feeder lost its power (happens often), but she was gone when the power came back on.
  • February 26, 2024: At 06:11 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was sighted. Towards the end of her visit at the feeder, she growled at an off-screen Mr. Egg then left before he began to eat.
  • February 28, 2024: At 02:00 AM (LFT), in the early hours, Ms. Honk was sighted. She spent most of this sighting eating from the feeder, enjoying the wonders that an overgrown Mt. Snibble had to offer.

March 2024

  • March 1, 2024: At 12:20 PM (LFT), she was sighted eating mostly chicken, perhaps showing a slight preference for it. She appeared once more later that day, being distracted by a wild Hedgehog (possibly Mr. Sonic) seen by one of the cameras of the feeder. The hedgehog continued circling the feeder as Ms. Honk was eating, ultimately distracting her with his various hedgehog noises.
  • March 06, 2024: Around 02:20 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was sighted at the feeder. She was keen on the chicken snacks and reached for some at the back with her paw, which she then left in the food for a bit. Later around 07:20 PM (LFT) she was seen with Ms. Sleepy and seemingly scared her away from the feeder.
  • March 07, 2024: Around 02:20 PM (LFT), Ms. Honk was seen hitting and growling at Mr. Wishbone while he was eating. After she successfully scared him away, she snacked on the kibble.
  • March 08, 2024: Around 07:08 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was seen peacefully munching away at kibble and snacks.
  • March 09, 2024: At 07:58 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was spotted taking a quick snack break for around ten minutes before quickly departing.
  • March 11, 2024: At 01:55 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk ate for a few minutes, notably going into the feeder with her front paws and eating from the back of it for a few minutes before continuing to eat normally.
  • March 16, 2024: At around 12:50 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk ate at the feeder, and was occasionally blessed by fresh kibble. She got all up in the camera and significantly levelled the mini Mt. Kibble that had formed.
  • March 20, 2024: At around 04:40 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk poked her head into the feeder. This startled a tabby cat eating from the feeder. The tabby slapped Ms. Honk, causing her to retreat. She reappeared after they left, and stood inside of the feeder to eat. This caused her head to become covered in snacks. She was once again seen eating at 06:22 PM (LFT). She left at 6:25 PM (LFT), accidentally scaring off an orange cat peeking from the bottom right corner.
  • March 24, 2024: At around 03:20 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk showed up and smacked Mr. Snoob, who had just arrived. He ran off and she munched for about 5 minutes. At around 01:38 PM (LFT), she smacked Ms. Inception away from the feeder.
  • March 30, 2024: At around 11:38 AM (LFT), after being attacked by a fly upon arriving, Ms. Honk munched away for roughly five minutes.

April 2024

  • April 04, 2024: At roughly 02:20 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk appeared in the corner of the feeder whilst another car was chowing down. She waited very patiently for the occupying feline to finish their meal before munching herself. She ate vigorously for 6 minutes, leaving at 02:31 AM (LFT).
  • April 06, 2024: At roughly 08:24 AM (LFT), Ms Honk arrived and devoured what was left of Mt. Snibble, before inspecting the feeder floor, then vacating the feeder as Ms. Pretty arrived.

May 2024

  • May 05, 2024: At roughly 12:13 AM (LFT), Ms Honk started eating until she got scared from presumably noises coming from outside. She then left after a good meal, even doing a stretch, till she saw the messed up curtain thing[1].
    Ms. Honk with crumbs on her head
  • Ms. Honk making eye contact with Ms. Puke
    May 07, 2024: At about 08:20 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk followed right after Mr. Dot and ate some kibble. This was followed by Ms. Texas at 08:30 AM (LFT).
  • May 09, 2024: Around 08:30 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was seen waiting for The Gluttonous Beast to finish eating before she commenced.
  • May 14, 2024: Around 12:15 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was spotted devouring kibble as Mrs. Kirby was seen waiting for her to finish. At 12:17 AM (LFT) Mrs. Kirby started eating some kibble too.
  • May 15, 2024: Around 08:45 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was seen coming into the feeder for some snacks for a total of 8 minutes, before leaving.
  • May 26, 2024: Around 03:45 AM (LFT), Ms. Honk was eating next to the tarp, which had fallen the day before, then a hedgehog gets into the tarp and scares her. This is followed by her gagging for a couple seconds and then she leaves.
  • May 29, 2024: At around 04.25 PM (LFT), Ms. Honk was seen munching away at kibble. She enjoyed the kibble so much that some crumbs even fell on her head while she ate. After a few minutes, she notices and makes eye contact with Ms. Puke, and leaves immediately.

June 2024

  • June 2, 2024: At 11:52 AM (LFT) Ms. Honk was seen at Happy Canteen, enjoying a meal for a good few minutes.
  • June 12, 2024: At around 04:45 PM (LFT), Ms. Honk was spotted at Auspicious Restaurant, after around 2 weeks of being absent from Happy Canteen. She ate kibble for a while, occasionally stopping to check her surroundings, before leaving.
  • June 18, 2024: At 4:00 PM (LFT) Ms. Honk was spotted eating kibble at the Happy Canteen once more, after her visit to Auspicious Restaurant and prolonged absence from the Canteen.

July 2024

  • July 1, 2024: At around 11:44 AM (LFT) Ms. Honk was spotted at Auspicious Restaurant, Ms. Honk ate for five minutes then left.

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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  1. 1.0 1.1 A weird thing that happened to the curtain. It has been found on May 5th, 2024.