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The outside of a cat house (Credit 中安在线)

Feeders (猫屋, "Cat House"/"Kitty House") are the units that the cats eat in. They are connected to the Hello Street Cat app and people are able to pay to feed the cats kibble or freeze-dried chicken snacks. Each Feeder has at least one caretaker for it, and they will replenish the food supply in the feeders, replace blankets, sweep the cat house floor, decorate it, etc.

Each cat house will have its own variety of cats unless the feeder is near another feeder, like the Happy Canteen and Auspicious Restaurant sometimes having the same stray. The caretaker may also decorate the cat house, adding stickers, posters, cat beds, and toys.

Each feeder has their own ID, and how the English community views the streams is mainly via their ID's.

Cat House ID's

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