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"Caretaker" refers to the humans who manage the Feeders. Hello Street Cat caretakers are volunteers, and take care of their own individual feeder. Sometimes, a feeder will have multiple caretakers. Mechanics also exist for some feeders, separate from the caretakers.

A caretaker acquires a feeder through a careful application process. Once they are approved by the Hello Street Cat company, they are then able to operate a feeder.

A decorated feeder (Ten Thousand Kitties House)

What They Do

Caretakers are responsible for the general upkeeping of a feeder. This includes managing food supply, cleaning and maintaining a page on the HSC app. Caretakers will sometimes decorate their feeders. They are also typically involved in TNR procedures at the feeder. Some caretakers supply their own food, such as tuna, in addition to the kibble and snacks dispensed from the feeder.

Caretakers tend to also provide updates on the cats and feeder via the HSC app. For example, letting the community know if a cat has been adopted or treated at the vet.

Mechanics for the feeders handle general maintenance. This includes managing the feeder's battery and fixing any blockages.


Whilst caretakers are usually unknown to the English community, there are some specific examples.

Ms. Socks

Ms. Socks is the caretaker for the Happy Canteen. She has been seen cleaning and providing food at the feeder. Ms. Socks was the first widely recognised caretaker in the English community.

Mrs. Dress' Caretaker

Mrs. Dress' caretaker is a special case, as Mrs. Dress herself is a pampered stray. The caretaker has a close bond with Mrs. Dress, being the person to supply her dresses. This caretaker also provides a lot of different food and decorations to the feeder. She is also responsible for giving medicine to the cats, at the Ten Thousand Kitties House.

Big Faced Brother's Caretakers

At Big Faced Brother's feeder, "Mimi-Chan wants to be Happy", there is an entire community of volunteers who take care of the feeder. As the feeders in this area were decommissioned, the community solely maintain the feeder. This includes recharging the battery without a mechanic. The caretakers also provide all of their own food supply to the feeder.

Our Love and Appreciation

The fans of Hello Street Cat hold these guardians in high esteem and often thank them for their efforts. Their efforts are valiant, and are very much appreciated by this community as much as the cats. We would not know what the cats would do without them. Their support and dedication is really heart-touching to all of us in the English Street Cat community.