Baldie Carrot, the Cats' Protector

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Baldie Carrot, the Cats' Protector

The front camera, on 22nd March, 2024
Original Name 光头胡萝卜猫咪守护者
Also known as The Ducks Feeder
Watch ID 4300845904274638881

Baldie Carrot, the Cats' Protector (光头胡萝卜猫咪守护者) (also known as "The Ducks Feeder") is a feeder on the Hello Street Cat app. It is most well known for Mr. Sweetpea or The Ducks that have been seen visiting at times.


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There is a variety of cats that appear on the streams of Baldie Carrot, the Cats' Protector. The feeder has moved locations but the same cats seem to appear.

Non-cat Animals

Other animals that have been seen eating from the feeder:

The Ducks



How to Watch

You can watch the streams manually by playing it on VLC Media Player.

You can also watch the stream on

There is also the Hello Street Cat app, though you will need a Chinese phone number.

What the Feeder looks like