House of Compassion by the Strait

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House of Compassion by the Strait

The feeder on February 27th, 2024
Original Name 海峡爱心小屋
Also known as Mr. Shock's Feeder
Watch ID 4584985755015398729

House of Compassion by the Strait (海峡爱心小屋) (also known as "Mr. Shock's Feeder") is a feeder on the Hello Street Cat app. Cats at this feeder tend to play and move around on either sides and on top of the feeder, indicating some sort of furnishings the cats are attracted to that are not visible to the feeder cameras.


The only documented cats at the House of Compassion by the Strait is Mr. Shock, Ms. Sceptic and Ms. Sneak. There are several cats who visit and hang around the feeder who are known, but not yet fully documented or named by the EN community, as well a bird called Mr. Doctor.

How to Watch

You can watch the streams manually by playing it on VLC Media Player.

You can also watch the stream on

There is also the Hello Street Cat app, though you will need a Chinese phone number.

What the Feeder looks like