Mr. Shock

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Mr. Shock

Mr. Shock looking at the camera with a very shocked expression
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Red (orange) Tabby with Medium White Spotting
Sex Male
Rarity Legendary
Occupation Shocked and Flabbergasted, jawdrop maxxer, actually Kevin Hart
Appearance Orange and white coat. Back and forehead are orange while underbelly and legs are, (suspected to be) white.
Personality Unfamiliar with Technology, Dumb, Stupid, Easily shocked
First known sighting October 9, 2023
Mr. Shock, who still can't wrap his head around technology (3/3/2024)

Mr. Shock (懵逼弟, "Brother Shock") got his name from the iconic clip of him having a very shocked expression when he noticed food being dispensed. He repeated this action as more food was dispensed (with a less shocked expression), making his actions resemble that of a livestreamer reading their stream's live chat. He is often confused with Mr. Fresh despite looking nothing like him.

He won as the 5th most favorite cat in the Hello Street Cat (EN) Community 1st and 2nd Weekly Fan Poll despite possibly not appearing on any feeders since the release of his viral clip.

Feeder name on Hello Street Cat: 海峡爱心小屋 ("House of Compassion by the Strait")


The personality of this confused cat is not well documented. He doesn't understand technology, and is quite shocked at the thought of cloud feeding.


Mr. Shock's coat is a orange tabby cat with white spotting on his chest, legs, and face. He has large facial cheeks and typically wears a confused expression.

Mr. Shock's top view

Other Names

Mr. Shock has a variety of names and they can barely fit into the cat info box, this section will serve as a place to record them.

His other names include:

  • 懵逼弟
  • Brother Shock
  • Titan Speakerman Cat (Some people called him that because his famous clip was paired frequently with the "Dónde está el Titán Speakerman" audio on TikTok (Douyin).
  • Mr. Jerma985/Mr. Jerma (Named by youtuber Jakub Jay)
  • shocker!!!
  • Mr. Dumb
  • The One who Destroys Humanity and It’s Creators (Also named by Jakub Jay)


He is rarely ever seen, but has arguably the most viral clip of all the cats.

Mr. Shock for the longest time, had only shown up once, and that was from the famous video of him with the shocked expression. For months, he would never show up again, leading people to theorize that he may have been adopted. However, as of January 2024, he had finally shown up to the same feeder, confirming that Mr. Shock is still alive and well.

Mr. Shock is assumed to have made an appearance again on May 6th, 2024 on the Street Cat Re-stream. However, many are unsure whether or not the cat on the stream was actually Mr. Shock seeing as the cat barely showed its face before leaving the feeder rather quickly.


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