Blessings Be With You

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Blessings Be With You

The front of the feeder, featuring Mr. Happy
Original Name 福福同在
Also known as Mr. Happy's feeder
Watch ID 4520057737555243577

Blessings Be With You (福福同在) is a feeder that contains 3 documented animals, with Mr. Happy being the feeder's regular. As of May 6th, 2024, the feeder seems to be offline when viewed through


Before it's closure, the feeder had 2 cats, and 1 other animal. An undocumented black cat was also seen on April 25.

How to watch

You can watch the streams manually by playing it on VLC Media Player.

You can also watch the stream on

There is also the Hello Street Cat app, though you will need a Chinese phone number.

What the Feeder looks like