Little Scraggly Guy

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Little Scraggly Guy

LSG taking a massive chomp out of Mt. Kibble
Other name(s) LSG, Loaf Jr, Mr. Scraggly, Mr. Chill, Mr. Sickly, LSD, Mr. Sleepy Jr., Mr. Fresh Jr., Mr. Corpse, Mr. Cow (in China, not to get confused with the other Mr. Cow) John’s cousin?
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Black with High White Spotting
Sex Possible male
Rarity Unseeable
Occupation Relaxing, or eating
Appearance Has cow-like patterns from above, very scraggly
Personality Shy
First known sighting

February 12, 2024

04:00 PM (LFT)
LSG looking at the kibble

Little Scraggly Guy (LSG) is a small stray cat that looks sick or hurt. He looks rougher than most cats on the streams, which is why he got a special name without a Mr. or Ms. in front of it.

LSG was taken to the vet for treatment, and has now likely been adopted.


Little Scraggly Guy exhibits behaviors that are quite distinct among the other cats observed. Notably, he often adopts a relaxed, loaf-like posture and shows selective eating habits. Unlike other cats who may eat whatever is in the feeder, LSG has shown a marked preference for fresh chicken. This specific dietary choice echoes that of Mr. Fresh. One potential explanation for this selective eating could be dental issues, as cats experiencing dental pain often avoid certain types of food, especially harder ones, and large chomps, which is a behavior often displayed by cats with dental pain. This theory aligns with LSG's observed reluctance to consume typical cat foods from the feeder.

He is also brave and doesn't show any concern or hostility to other cats.

On his first sighting, LSG was observed spending an extended period, approximately ten minutes, sitting in the feeder without eating. This behavior, coupled with his overall appearance, has led to concerns about his health among the observing community, who express hopes for his recovery.

Another observable aspect of LSG's behavior was the sound of his breathing on his first visit, picked up by the camera's microphones. This could be indicative of a respiratory issue. However, it appears that there has been an improvement in this condition.

Additionally, LSG has been observed growling at an unidentified orange cat who approached the feeder. This interaction could suggest a level of stress or discomfort, possibly exacerbated by his health condition.


Normally has a dirty-like appearance, and when looking from above he has a cow-like appearance. He is notable for having a soggy tail, looking scraggly, and a messy face. It's worth noting that unkempt fur and general poor condition often suggest fleas, ticks, worms, or other parasites. These can lead to other health problems.

LSG from above


LSG allowing an orange cat to eat

February 2024

  • February 12, 2024: His first sighting was around 04:00 PM (LFT), where he sat without eating for 10 minutes before leaving. He appeared for a second time at 06:40 PM (LFT), where he once more sat without eating anything. He appeared again at 10:25 PM (LFT), about 7 hours after the first sighting, where he finally ate the kibble and snacks. At 11:45 PM (LFT), initially loafing without eating any snacks, he began eating after snacks were dispensed. Afterwards, he resumed sitting.
  • February 13, 2024: At 12:11 AM (LFT), He just loafed for around an hour. At 03:26 AM (LFT), he was seen mostly loafing around for 7 minutes, before eating for a while more.
LSG runs away, horrified of the merciless donators flooding the bowl with snacks
  • February 14, 2024: He was sighted at around 01:10 AM (LFT), where he sat and stared at the food bowl. After a minute or two, Mr. Piss approached and proceeded to growl at him while eating. Some time passes, and Mr. Piss left. After 10 or so minutes of Little Scraggly Guy staring, Mr. Piss came back, hissing at LSG and putting his paw on the feeder. LSG seemed unfazed, until after around 20 seconds, when Mr. Piss approached and swung his paw. LSG was quick to recoil, it's unknown whether he was hit. After Mr. Piss ate a piece of kibble, he swung again, sending frightened LSG to fall down, now laying and looking at Mr. Piss. He laid in the same position for some time, even after Mr. Piss left. After around 5 minutes, LSG departed too. He was sighted at 01:15 AM (LFT), taking shelter from the cold for 30 minutes. He left and then came back again to eat some fresh chicken treats.
LSG as the avalanche happened. This led to another Mt. Snibble tyrannical regime.
LSG as the avalanche happened. This led to another Mt. Snibble tyrannical regime.
  • February 15, 2024: He was sighted at 01:33 AM (LFT), seeming more energetic and eating more than he used to. Mount Snibble was cleared out by a human around 15 minutes before his appearance and he ate good and with appetite. This will come to be known as the LSGA (Little Scraggly Golden Age). In an unexpected turn of fate, while he was still in the feeder, Mount Snibble returned to an incredible height due to a massive amount of donations. As Mount Snack steadily grew, LSG could do nothing but watch in horror. Shortly after, he was forced to run away, visibly spooked. This will come to be known as the great Snack avalanche of '14.

(Note: As of February 19th, it is reported by community members in contact with the Chinese community that LSG has been captured and taken to a vet for treatment and potential adoption).

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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