Mount Snack

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Note:The events recorded below took place at the Happy Canteen feeder.

Mount Snack


Mount Snack (often shortened to Mt. Snack) is a pile of Freeze-dried chicken snacks blocking the camera in front of The Dispenser. The likeliness of a Mount Snack appearing is low, as most of the cats seem to prefer to eat snacks instead of regular kibble. This poses issues for the health of the strays, however, as the increasing affluence in snacks means they consume too many treats on a regular basis. This could be a contributing factor to Mr. Fresh's considerable weight gain, though this is just a theory, a cat theory.


First sighting of a Mt. Snack.Only a few moments later...

February 2024

  • February 2, 2024: Mount Snack was first mentioned on February 2, 2024, when Mount Kibble became so big it covered the camera and one slope of Mount Kibble was covered in snacks.
  • February 5, 2024: The second sighting of Mount Snack appeared. It was much larger than the first sighting. At 11:25 AM (LFT), Mount Snack was completely destroyed.
  • February 24, 2024: This is the first recorded sighting of a pure Mount Snack. Although not a typical mountain like Mount Kibble usually is, it still covered approximately more than half the screen.
  • February 27, 2024:
    Mount Snack on February 27th
    Mount Snack appeared. Early on Ms. Loop, ​​Ms. Puke, Ms. Sleepy,Mr. Turkey, and Mr. Oreo made a tag team effort to try and eat all of Mount Snack, but ultimately failed.

Kibble also started to grow as there were no cats to keep it in control. At around 4 AM (LFT), Ms. Puke and Mr. Airplane challenged the giant mountain of snacks and kibble, followed shortly after by a lone Mr. Bald. Soon, Mr. Chicken took to saving us all from Mount Snack, but as he worked tirelessly to banish the pile of food, cruel viewers took to donating more snacks. Having cleared a small portion, Mr. Chicken soon retreated and let Ms. Honk take the difficult job.

July 2024

  • July 12, 2024: At 1:25 AM (LFT), a generous donator dispensed 42 portions of snacks at the Duck Feeder. Mr. Blotch, who was there at the time of the snacks dispensing, looked very shocked. He ate as much of it as he could before Mr. Bentley arrived, scaring him away. Ms. Horseshoe came shortly after and began to very quickly chomp the snacks. She seemed like she wanted to keep eating but was full. Mr. Sonic approached and sniffed at the feeder and Ms. Horseshoe, but could not get onto the feeder platform.

Over the course of the next while, Mrs. Exclamation Mark, Mr. Ink, Ms. Blanket, Mr. Squeeze, Ms. Rattle, Mr. Simba and Ms. Fierce all visited the feeder. Eventually, at around 8 AM, the snacks had been depleted.