Mount Kibble

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Note: Most of the events recorded below took place at the Happy Canteen feeder except certain notable instances.


A Mount Kibble sighting on February 2, 2024, 5:40 PM (LFT)

Mount Kibble (often shortened to Mt. Kibble) is a name given to any pile of kibble which blocks the frontal camera at The Dispenser. It is often treated as a sort of recurring villain within the live streams. Cats clearing it are generally celebrated. It's often cleared by Ms. Kibble, who once ate 50% of it, and could be considered its main enemy in a narrative sense. Other cats who have participated in the destruction of Mount Kibble include the aforementioned Mr. Beef and The Gluttonous Beast (allegedly). It's also been cleared by Caretakers. Usually, Mount Kibble is accompanied by the similar Mount Snack, a similarly tall pile of snacks, sometimes even forming a Mount Snibble, a combination of the two. Mount Kibble can be made up of any brand of kibble that a feeder uses, and sometimes multiple brands at once.

Although it is kind to be donating to a cat feeder, note that donations have to be made in controllable quantities. If someone wants to make a big donation, they should spread out their donations over more cat feeders so as to prevent wasted food in the future.


Mount Kibble appearances became more common and larger in size as Street Cat streams gained popularity after numerous pictures and GIFs of Mr. Fresh and Mr. Shock were shared in many places over the web. As more people started donating money, more kibble was dispensed, and the cats could not keep up with eating it.

Mount Kibble Sightings

February 1 - February 5 2024

Mount Kibble started on February 1, 2024, at around 4 AM (LFT). Most of the kibble had probably gone stale, and hence when Ms. Kibble arrived on February 3, 2024, she did not show any interest in Mount Kibble despite her past actions.

On February 4, 2024, Mount Kibble still stood. At 4 PM (LFT) Ms. Kibble was again sighted only eating the food at the front of the feeder.

On February 5, 2024, at 1:48 AM (LFT), the great 5-day-old Mount Kibble fell. A hand appeared out of nowhere and started cleaning out the feeder area. After cleaning the surroundings, the hand disappeared and came back with a bowl and a scoop to remove Mount Kibble. The cats and viewers were both happy that the great behemoth had finally fallen. At its peak, Mt. Kibble took up 75.39% of the camera, or at a 720x410 resolution it took up 222553 sq pixels out of the available 295200.

Mr. Piss the moment before he peed in the kibble

The cats introduced a strange method of protesting Mt Kibble by contaminating the mountain with their bodily fluids. Ms. Puke vomited into the feeder box on February 3, 2024. The next day, Mr. Piss, for once making a move to help the greater cat community - or perhaps just to mark his territory - peed inside of the feeder box. Viewers named the kibble pile 'Mt. Piss' after Mr. Piss peed on it and the pee trickled down to the safe area of the 'River Kibble' where the once fresh food lived.

February 6 - Feb 7 2024

Just when everyone thought that the kibble pile was successfully removed, it came back. On February 6, 2024, at 12:28 AM (LFT), a kind viewer of the stream decided to donate loads and loads of kibble and snacks, hence creating the food pile now better known as Mount Snibble. At 8 PM (LFT), Mt. Kibble covered 90.05% of the camera, taking up 267171 pixels of the 295200 allotted from a 720x410p resolution with the usual 0.05% margin of error. Cats attempted to bring Mt. Snack down, but no challenger succeeded due to them getting a full stomach.

Mt. Kibble as of 6 February

On February 7, 2024, 4 PM (LFT), the Mount Snack part of Mount Snibble had been eaten. It appears that the greed for freeze-dried snacks abled the cats to decimate half of Mount Snibble. It occupied around 50% of the screen at this time.

At 7 PM (LFT), a really kind human, who has been dubbed Ms. Socks, came to the feeder to provide tuna and snacks to the cats. She also turned Mount Kibble into a Plateau Kibble by eliminating about 80% of it.

At 10:24 PM (LFT), another human arrived, this time completely destroying Mount Kibble. The entire stream was happy that Mount Kibble had finally fallen again.

The fabled Grand Mt. Kibble
Mr. Beef clearing Mt. Kibble on Feb 10, 2024

Feb 8 - Feb 10 2024

On February 8, 5:28 PM (LFT), a new Mount Snibble formed, obstructing the view of the feeder. On February 9 2024, at 4:30 PM (LFT), a kind human came by to clean up the feeder. However, they accidentally moved the food so it obstructed the full view of the front camera. On the 10th of February, 2024, Mr. Beef cleared Mt. Kibble after 2 days. His heroic feats have been named The Beef Conquest.

March 3rd - ???

On March 3, Mount Kibble appeared again. Mr. Oreo, Mr. One, Mrs. Kirby, Ms. Pretty, Ms. Honk, Ms. Kibble, Mr. Piss, Ms. Puke, Mr. Turkey, and The Gluttonous Beast were all recorded attempting to clear Mt. Kibble. An unidentified cat, possibly Mr. Snoob, also ate from it. This Mt. Kibble was not recorded, but it is speculated that The Gluttonous Beast was the one to defeat it.

July 5th - Now

she eating good tonight
The Kibble Peak as seen in Mrs Gucci's Feeder on July 5th, 2024 4:33 PM EST.

On July 5th, Another Mount Kibble sighting was found in Mrs. Gucci's feeder. At approx. 4:30 PM (EST) Mount Kibble covered the entire feeder candle, making Mrs Gucci unseeable. Sometime between 7:00 - 7:30 PM (EST) the Kibble Peak was reached. During Mount Kibble's appearance, the color fluctuates between light and dark colored kibble. This is likely the first recorded instance of Mount Kibble being made up of multiple brands.

Ms. Eeper's kitten attemping to fend off Mt. Kibble, July 15, 2024 @ 1:02 AM LFT

July 15th

On July 15th, Mount Kibble was spotted growing in the Auspicious Restaurant feeder. At 1:02 AM One of Ms. Eeper's kittens was spotted trying to defend against Mount Kibble, but left without making progress, along with some random hedgehog, who spent over 10 minutes gorging on it. Eventually, Mount Kibble had been defeated by at least 3:00 PM.

The Kibble Drought

The feeder containing a suspiciously small amount of food

On the 20th of February, 2024, the feeder was recorded with a very small amount of kibble. At approximately 11 PM (LFT) the feeder was seen to be almost completely empty, but the shortage of food persisted even before that.

It's speculated that the feeder was either broken or had malfunctioned due to the lack of any food being dispensed for several hours (the caption at the bottom of the stream also indicated that the feeder had 100% of kibble and snacks remaining). The community called this The Great Kibble Depression.

On February 21, 2024, a human came by to manually refill the feeder entirely with snacks, indicating that the condition of the feeder was a known and ongoing issue.

Since then, the feeder has been fixed and the cats are back to eating.

A human sticking their hand through the Mechanical Trap Room door to manually fill the feeder with dried tuna snacks