Mr. Moustache

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Mr. Moustache

Mr. Moustache staring at camera as he shows off his beautiful moustache
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Black with Low White Spotting
Sex Speculated to be Male
Rarity Legendary
Occupation Office job, Painter, Moustache Owner, Well Respected Member of The Moustache Community, Being fancy toward viewers
Appearance Black and white cat with a spot that looks like a mustache
Personality Bemused, Civilized, Moustache, Charismatic
First known sighting February 1st, 2024
Parents A Bicolour Black & White cat, and a Bicolour Tabby cat
Siblings An unknown amount of Brown Tabby cats
Partner Unknown
Children None

Mr. Moustache is a tuxedo cat from 花园宝宝猫猫屋 (The Garden Kitties House). He is referred to as Mr. Moustache because of his characteristic "moustache", a black patch of fur under his nose. He was confused for another similar, yet-to-be-documented cat who appears at Lucky 7-Eleven Ⅱ (Mr. Snack's feeder).

Mr. Moustache was born, and grew up, at the feeder. He grew up there with his siblings, all of which were Brown Tabbies, as well as his parents. Nowadays, as an adult, Mr. Moustache is rarely seen at the feeder.


Mr. Moustache, as a kitten, seemed very confused by the feeder. He used to stare at it as it dispensed food, looking bewildered.

As an adult, he is not much different. He has been seen looking perplexed, but also a bit curious, at the sight of food being dispensed from the feeder. He seems to be a somewhat aggressive eater, going in for quick bites.


Mr. Moustache has a black moustache and then a distinct, white spiky marking on the right side of his face, with an almost entirely white portion under his left eye and a white strip along the bridge of his nose. On the inner part of his left eye, he has a pink mark. Being a tuxedo, he has a white neck/front side that continues all the way down to his chest area. He has a seemingly white front-left leg and a black and white front-right leg. He appears to be mostly black along the top. He has no clippings on either ear.

Mr. Moustache from above, as a kitten (with his siblings)


February 2024

  • February 01, 2024: Mr. Moustache was seen at the feeder, eating some kibble. It seems he is not a regular visitor, as an adult, as he was still confused by the feeder.


Roughly a week or two after Mr. Moustache was seen, another cat bearing similar looks (who is not documented yet but pictured below) was spotted at Mr. Snack's feeder. The EN community misidentified this cat as Mr. Moustache, and previously used this page to record sightings of this cat. A second cat, Mr. Cow, was also misidentified by some as Mr. Moustache during his earlier sightings.