Mama Tortoiseshell

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Mama Tortoiseshell

Mama Tortoiseshell pretending to have self-restraint.
Other name(s)

From the Chinese Community: Mama Tortoiseshell (玳瑁妈妈), Derpy Fur (呆毛, homophone of her actual Chinese name), Mother Goddess Derpy (呆娲), Mama's Universe (呆毛宇宙)

From the English Community: Mama Freaky
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Tortoiseshell
Sex Queen (Intact Female)
Rarity Uncommon (when compared to Mrs. Dress)
Occupation Being a loving mother to Ms. Tux and Mr. Edo.
Appearance Tortoiseshell, has a striking face pattern.
Eye Color Green
Personality Loving, Thief
First known sighting Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Partner Mrs. Dress' presumed brother, JiaoHua, and Mr. Slam

First Litter: Ms. Tux, Mr. Edo

Second Litter: Peanut

Third Litter: Tiny Peanut, Beary, Capy, Bara

Mama Tortoiseshell, whose name is a translation of her Chinese name ("玳瑁妈妈") as listed on the Hello Street Cat app, is a tortoiseshell cat that can be seen frequenting the Ten Thousand Kitties House (万猫屋) alongside her children, Ms. Tux and Mr. Edo.

She is well known for her antics whenever she decides to eat from inside of the feeder, almost acting as if she knows that there's a camera and an audience to be satisfied. Despite how she looks like when she's eating, she's actually fine health-wise, she is just weird.

From the caretaker's notes about the cats of their feeder, Mama Tortoiseshell is listed as Mrs. Dress' potential sister-in-law, as her third son, Peanut, is the child between her and Mrs. Dress' presumed brother, a male bicolored ginger tabby cat called JiaoHua. This does not make Ms. Tux and Mr. Edo related to Mrs. Dress however, as the two were from a previous litter with a different father.

It is currently unknown as to whom the father of her third litter is, but the English fandom presumes it to be JiaoHua due to Little Peanut's striking resemblance to Mrs. Dress. The Chinese fandom however, believes he could be one of the Pissers.


Mama Tortoiseshell is a weird cat, even by the standards of the cats that frequent the Ten Thousand Kitties House feeder. She seems to have some semblance of knowing that there's people watching her every move, but at the same time, she is determined to make a fool of herself whenever she can.

Much like her son, she is greedy for wet food and for the treats the caretaker puts into the feeder bowl during their visits, and will do anything to have a bite of them. What differs her from Mr. Edo though, is that Mama Tortoiseshell seems to acknowledge Mrs. Dress' presence and will at least put up a pretence of having self-restraint. If Mrs. Dress is not in the feeder, she will lose her self-control and gobble down on the biggest piece of food she finds in the bowl. Thus, she can usually be seen eating and spitting out her food several times in a row because what she has chosen to eat is normally too big to fit in her mouth in one go.

On the other hand, Mama Tortoiseshell is a very caring mother to both of her children, and can typically be seen nearby if either of them are there. Most of the time she opts to eat outside of feeder as to let Ms. Tux or Mr. Edo eat from the inside, so pictures of her are considerably less defined compared to the other cats. She has also been seen loafing right outside of the feeder while Ms. Tux is sleeping upstairs.


Mama Tortoiseshell is a tortoiseshell cat with a striking face pattern that makes it easy for any viewer to recognize her, and though she may not be the sole tortoiseshell in the Ten Thousand Kitties House feeder anymore, she is the only adult tortoiseshell cat present.

She has a white underbelly and the same white nose as Ms. Tux, but her limbs and back are completely colored in orange and black, with only a tiny amount of white around her paws. She is around the same size as Ms. Tux. Neither of her ears are clipped as she has not been neutered yet.


April 2024

  • April 22, 2024: Knowing that Mrs. Dress has left the feeder, Mama Tortoiseshell decided to come in and take a bite of freshly placed kibble treats... Yet as soon as she took a bite of the biggest piece she could find, she realized that she disliked the taste and proceeded to spit it out, even shaking her head a couple of times to signify how terribly it tasted.

May 2024

  • May 15, 2024: Around 09:28 AM (LFT), Mama Tortoiseshell was seen entering the feeder with one of her new kittens, Little Peanut, and the two of them ate for a few minutes before leaving.

June 2024

  • June 10, 2024: At 08:09 PM (LFT), she could be seen at the feeder, though she did not eat from the kibble.

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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