Ms. Bounce

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Ms. Bounce
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Black with Medium White Spotting
Sex Female
Rarity Common
Occupation Delinquent
First known sighting April 20, 2024
Parents Mama Bear (Mother)

Little Anarchy (Younger Brother)

Smidge (Younger Sister)
Children None
Other Big Grey & Watcher (Friends)

Ms. Bounce named is given her name because she kept bouncing into frame whenever she was spotted. She can be seen at the Tanuki Squad feeder.


Ms. Bounce is an energetic cat with no concept of personal space. She attempts to get along with most cats that appear at the feeder. She will often be found cuddling with various cats during the night. Her closest friends are Big Grey and Watcher.


A smaller tuxedo cat with a beauty spot right beside her nose.

Cat from above


April 2024

  • April 20, 2024: Ms. Bounce was seen cuddling Watcher, she often got up from sleeping to cuddle.
  • April 26, 2024: At 10:56 PM (LFT), Ms. Bounce paid a visit to Mama Bear, Smidge and Little Anarchy at the feeder.
  • April 28, 2024: At 09:37 PM (LFT), after mince had been left by the Caretaker, Ms. Bounce became uncharacteristically possessive. She went as far as to hiss at both Mama Bear and Little Anarchy.
  • April 30, 2024: At 05:18 PM (LFT), Watcher and Big Grey were scared Mr. Slither, and abandoned Ms. Bounce. Ms. Bounce hissed at Mr. Slither and ran away as well.

May 2024

  • May 05, 2024: At 2:33 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce, Watcher and Big Grey scared Ms. Fox away from the feeder.
  • May 07, 2024
    • 5:48 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce cuddled with Big Grey as they ate together. She often got in his way.
    • 7:53 PM (LFT) Notorious visited and spent time with Ms. Bounce. Ms. Bounce was invited to an evening get together with Mama Bear, Notorious and Ms. Leaf. Ms. Bounce played around with the other cats throughout the evening.
  • May 08, 2024: At 6:33 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce ate alongside Watcher, Big Grey and Notorious. She spent the evening cuddling Watcher while various cats visited the feeder.
  • May 09, 2024: At 7:09 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce accompanied Ms. Fox while they ate at the feeder. Ms. Fox was not pleased about this.
  • May 17, 2024: Ms. Bounce and Ms. Leaf attended the feeder together. The two cuddled while sharing a meal and quality time together. They tried to encourage Ms. Fox to join them but she did not seem impressed.
  • May 18, 2024:
    • 05:52 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce crawled behind Ms. Fox at the feeder. Ms. Fox did not protest. Though her patience was tested repeatedly, Ms. Fox and Ms. Bounce spent quality time together.
    • 08:27 PM (LFT) Ms. Leaf cuddled and played with Ms. Bounce while Ms. Fox begged.
  • May 18, 2024: At 6:39 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce was slapped by Ms. Fox. But this did not deter her from either eating or bothering other cats.
  • May 20, 2024: 7:14 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce cuddled and sniffed Little Anarchy then decided to slap her instead.
  • May 21, 2024:
    • 6:33 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Leaf pestered Smidge while she ate.
    • 7:00 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Leaf repeatedly returned to the feeder to cuddle and play. They tried to invite Little Anarchy or Ms. Fox to play. Neither seemed interested.
  • May 24, 2024: 06:39 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce made a return with Ms. Leaf to visit Big Grey. She played with flies, while bumping into and bothering Big Grey.
  • May 25, 2024: 11:38 PM (LFT) Notorious, Little Anarchy, Big Grey and Ms. Bounce visited the feeder. Notorious played with the cover of the feeder. Ms. Bounce pestered the other cats by crawling over and underneath them.
  • May 27, 2024:
    • 03:36 PM (LFT) Ms. Leaf and Ms. Bounce bother Big Grey in the cubby while Notorious ate kibble. Ms. Bounce remained and enjoyed time sleeping next to Big Grey.
    • 07:59 PM (LFT) Mr. Slither ate beside Ms. Bounce, much to the dismay of Big Grey. At 08:48 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce received a bonk on the head from Ms. Fox.
  • May 28, 2024:
  • May 29, 2024:
    • 07:41 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce played with Little Anarchy as Big Grey ate kibble while Ms. Leaf waited outside.
    • 10:01 PM (LFT) Little Anarchy and Ms. Bounce puzzle solve together to get into the feeder and eat the tray of kibble left by the caretaker. Ms. Bounce taught Little Anarchy how to be a nuisance.
  • May 30, 2024: 06:54 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce, Ms. Leaf and Ms. Fox huddled together in the feeder.
  • May 31, 2024:

June 2024

  • June 02, 2024:
  • June 03, 2024: 08:34 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce encouraged Ms. Fox to join her and Little Anarchy
  • June 04, 2024:
    • 02:39 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce joined Ms. Fox at the feeder, while Ms. Fox left Ms. Bounce stayed to hunt flies. She left and returned with Ms. Leaf and Smidge at 03:01 PM (LFT).
    • 05:23 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce went to eat but saw Ms. Fox and ran off to play with her.
  • June 05, 2024:
    • 01:45 PM (LFT)Liquid Fox expressed very vocal displeasure at Ms. Bounce's and Little Anarchy's presence, swatting at Ms. Bounce and hissing at her.
    • 02:19 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce tried to return but was scolded by Liquid Fox.
    • 06:49 PM (LFT) Little Anarchy and Ms. Bounce were delighted to find treats and kibble at the feeder. Ms. Bounce spooked Big Grey
    • 10:37 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Leaf welcome Mr. Slither into the feeder, he politely waited for his turn at the bowl as Ms. Bounce ate.
  • June 06, 2024:
    • 05:30 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce cuddled up to Big Grey as they begged for kibble and treats. She returned with Ms. Fox at 05:49 PM (LFT) to the kibble mountain which they shared.
    • 10:43 PM (LFT) Little Grey attempted to sneak into the feeder. Though his many failed attempts didn't wake Ms. Bounce or Ms. Leaf, the kibble being donated did. Little Grey let out one of his iconic hisses at Ms. Bounce, who wasn't deterred and steamrolled him with affection. Though this was really a ploy to get to the food, which worked twice.
  • June 07, 2024:
    • 06:13 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce went to confront Liquid Fox but was intimidated by her too. Though she returned when Liquid Fox returned at 06:17 PM (LFT).
    • 10:46 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox arrived at the feeder and ate the treats that had been donated.
  • June 08, 2024: 11:37 AM (LFT) Ms. Bounce popped into view and cleaned herself off before scurrying away.
  • June 09, 2024: 07:28 PM (LFT) Ms. Fox and Little Anarchy block entry for Ms. Bounce as the pair enjoy kibble, repeatedly getting snacked and kibbled.
  • June 10, 2024: 06:02 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce joins Ms. Fox for a moment before leaving and coming back 20 minutes later for cuddles.
  • June 13, 2024: 08:12 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox eat at the feeder together.
  • June 16, 2024: 03:18 PM (LFT) Ms. Fox arrived side by side with Ms. Bounce. Ms. Bounce ate at the feeder while Ms. Fox waited outside before hopping in to bef for treats.
  • June 18, 2024:
    • 10:49 AM (LFT) Little Anarchy and Ms. Bounce bounded into the feeder. In an attempt to eat attempt . Big Grey arrived at 10:54 AM bit was bothered by Little Anarchy, Ms. Bounce and Ms. Leaf
    • 06:17 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce ate kibble while Big Grey waited for his turn while sitting in the cubby.
    • 06:21 PM (LFT) Ms. Fox peered into the feeder and was bombarded with love and affection from Ms. Bounce
    • 08:21 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox sat at the feeder. Ms. Bounce ate treats while Ms. Fox watched on. She returned at 10:26 PM (LFT) to dine from the kibble mountain.
  • June 19, 2024:
    • 07:39 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox joined Mr. Slither at the feeder. Though he did not remain long. They were soon joined by Ms. Poko and Ms. Hummingbird as well as the titular Little Grey. Little Grey, however, was in no mood to be entertaining other cats. Despite this he remained until everyone was chased out by Liquid Fox who screamed at them all to leave.
    • 11:07 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce returned for a second round of dinner.
  • June 20, 2024:
    • 10:18 AM (LFT) Ms. Bounce received a clap on the back from Big Grey after trying to cuddle him.
    • 08:35 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce sniffed around the feeder and begged for kibble but she was scared off 08:38 PM (LFT) by Liquid Fox
    • 09:30 PM (LFT) Both Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox arrived, bumping noses and giving each other a little kiss. They welcomed Little Anarchy into the feeder. Ms. Bounce kept Little Anarchy entertained by playing with him.
  • June 22, 2024: 07:48 PM (LFT) In extremely rare form, Liquid Fox cuddled with Ms. Bounce, the pair rubbed against each other affectionately before sharing kibble.
  • June 23, 2024: 08:18 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce arrived to eat but was chased off by a temperamental Liquid Fox
  • June 24, 2024:
    • 12:46 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce peered into the feeder before getting distracted and wandering off. Though she returned at 12:54 PM (LFT).
    • 07:20 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce passed by the feeder to say hello to Liquid Fox
  • June 25, 2024:
  • 07:03 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce replaced Little Grey and ate at the feeder. When Ms. Fox arrived she was so excited to see her she accidentally barred her entrance.
    • 08:15 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce arrived to look for the other cats. Though none were present it didn't stop her from eating kibble.
  • June 26, 2024:
    • 05:55 AM (LFT) Ms. Fox and Ms. Bounce were cuddling together as they rested at the feeder. When the kibble was donated Ms. Fox ate and left. Ms. Bounce slept some more, though was visibly by Ms. Fox leaving.
    • 10:04 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce arrived, displeased about her wet coat.
    • 10:33 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Big Grey joined Ms. Fox at the feeder.
  • June 27, 2024:
    • 05:14 PM (LFT) Ms. Fox and Ms. Bounce ate side by side. Liquid Fox made an attempt to join the pair at 05:16 PM (LFT) but was swatted at and scorned by Ms. Fox. Ms. Bounce clambered over Ms. Fox repeatedly going in and out of the feeder.
    • 07:38 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce rested at the feeder for a moment.
  • June 28, 2024:
    • 01:19 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox arrived. Ms. Bounce sat and watched over Ms. Fox as she ate.
    • 05:19 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce returned but with Big Grey and in a synchronised manner. She stayed for a while and enjoyed the occasional snack.
    • 08:23 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce joined Ms. Fox once more. While Ms. Fox ate, Ms. Bounce played with a fly.
  • June 29, 2024: 01:25 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Big Grey arrived and took turns begging for food.
  • June 30, 2024: 07:18 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce waited for an evening meal at the feeder.
    • 08:35 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox joined Big Grey at the feeder. Both Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox ate from the tray but Big Grey opted to sit and beg at the bowl .

July 2024

  • July 01, 2024: 06:48 PM (LFT) Big Grey arrived with Ms. Bounce. He sat and ate while Ms. Bounce waited for him to finish.
  • July 03, 2024: 11:20 AM (LFT) Ms. Bounce tumbled into the feeder. She ate sporadically as she kept getting startled by every sound.
    • 05:31 PM (LFT) Big Grey and Ms. Bounce joined each other and ate from the kibble mountain. They were joined by Mr. Helios who coiled around Big Grey.
    • 07:55 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce and Ms. Fox arrived together.
    • 09:29 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce startled Big Grey by running in and out of the feeder.
  • July 04, 2024: 05:40 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce made room for Mr. Helios as he joined Ms. Fox and Big Grey.
    • 07:41 PM (LFT) Big Grey and Ms. Bounce arrived and ate together.
  • July 05, 2024: 03:46 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce arrived to eat both kibble and chicken.
  • July 06, 2024: 04:50 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce arrived and ate kibble before heading off for another adventure.
  • July 10, 2024: 01:37 AM (LFT) Ms. Bounce, Big Grey and Ms. Fox crowded the feeder. They hopped in and out. Ms. Bounce let out a mew into Ms. Fox's ear.
    • 08:09 PM (LFT) Ms. Bounce visited and was joined by Ms. Fox. Ms. Bounce gave Ms. Fox a smooch on the forehead.
  • July, 17, 2024: 06:25 PM (LFT) Ms. Fox joined Ms. Bounce at the feeder. The two ate chicken together. Once Ms. Bounce had her fill, she flounced away.

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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