Ms. Drumstick

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Ms. Drumstick

Ms. Drumstick looking deeply into the feeder camera while munching
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Coat Tortie
Sex Female
Rarity Rare
Occupation Professional Skittish Cat, AC/DC’s drummer
Appearance Tortoiseshell cat. Has a striped marking down the front of their face, closely resembling the shape and color of a drumstick.
First known sighting March 13, 2024, 08:29 AM (LFT)

Ms. Drumstick is a tortoiseshell cat first spotted March 13, 2024, 08:29 AM (LFT). Although Ms. Drumstick may be more accurately described as "Common", as seen by her many appearances on April 01, her times of stay are short enough to rarely catch her being at the feeder, hence the current "Rare" classification. She was mistakenly thought to be two different cats for a time, Ms. Drumstick and Ms. Meteor, but was found to be just Ms. Drumstick.


Ms. Drumstick appears to be rather cautious — which could be judged from her not staying at the feeder for more than a few minutes on average — and she can rather quickly turn to skittish behavior. Going from sitting down and enjoying her food, to immediately turning her attention to the outside, before usually quickly bolting out after spending some time standing towards the entrance.


Ms. Drumstick is a tortoiseshell cat and can be most easily distinguished by the marking on their face that looks similar to a drumstick, hence the name Ms. Drumstick. She can also be identified by the TNR notch on her right ear.

Relation to Ms. Note

It's hypothesized that Ms. Note and Ms. Drumstick are siblings, or are related in some fashion.

For example, Ms. Drumstick can easily be confused with Ms. Note due to them both having a right-ear notch, and the tan marking that goes down both their faces; but Ms. Drumstick's marking is notably thicker, and also shaped like a drumstick rather than a musical note. Ms. Drumstick also has significantly more brown in her coat than Ms. Note.

They're both skittish and don't remain on camera long, but they both often are seen arriving at the feeder in very close time spans, though never together, at least not from observed sightings.


March 2024

  • March 13, 2024: Around 08:29 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick was first sighted at Mr. Fresh's second feeder.
  • March 25, 2024: Around 08:14 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick was seen cautiously looking backwards outside, before eventually walking out and leaving.

April 2024

  • April 01, 2024: Ms. Drumstick was spotted six times this day. What a day to be a Ms. Drumstick enjoyer, such a treat indeed.
  • April 02, 2024: Around 06:30 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick arrived at the feeder around 7 minutes after Ms. Note had some bites to eat. She chowed down for a few minutes and then left. She came back at around 12:30 and ate for a few more minutes.
  • April 03, 2024: Around 05:34 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick was spotted eating, while looking as cute as a kitten.
  • April 04, 2024: Around 11:30 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick arrived for a little 5 minute lunch.
  • April 09, 2024: At about 12:37 AM (LFT) Ms. Drumstick came for lunch, eating quickly and then sprinting out of the feeder in fear.
  • April 14, 2024: Around 08:55 AM (LFT) Ms. Drumstick was seen tenaciously taking her breakfast.

May 2024

  • May 07, 2024: Around 09:35 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick was seen awaiting snacks patiently. However, her efforts were fruitless, and she exited the feeder without a bite (despite kibble being present).
  • May 09, 2024: At 11:11 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick walked in the feeder for a few seconds before leaving.

June 2024

  • June 2, 2024: At 05:02 AM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick walked into the feeder and spent a couple minutes clearing a mini Mount Kibble that was covering over half of the camera view. Such an honorable service.
  • June 4, 2024: At 07:24 PM (LFT), Ms. Drumstick was found eating as per usual, and forming that well known drumstick of hers. She'd leave at 07:31 PM (LFT).

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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