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Sticky lads
Breed Gastropoda
Coat Sticky
Sex Hermaphrodites
Rarity Common
Occupation Straight gloopin'
Appearance Shelled, sticky, amorphous
Personality Slow
First known sighting Unknown

Giant African land snails and Chinese mystery snails frequent Cats Who Love to Eat (爱干饭的喵喵们), or Mr. Gunk's feeder. They have since been spotted frequently at other feeders.

Snails are gastropods with coiled shells. Many have been seen making guest appearances at the feeders. Giant African land snails are invasive in China.


The snails have recently been seen appearing at feeders en masse, with many feeders seeing 2 or more at a time. They slowly slide around the feeders, generally towards the food bowl, leaving sticky trails and often blocking cameras.

A snail falls to the ground in a pitiful manner (GIF)


The snails seen at the feeders are generally brown and tan colored, roughly 3 inches long, with a spiral shell with lines along it, terminating to a point.

Giant African Land Snail (featuring a strawberry)


  • April 9th, 2024: 7:00 AM (CST) Mr. Gunk's feeder has seen an incursion of the sticky horde, with multiple snails seen crawling over the cameras, around and into the food bowl, and around the feeder in general. The cats seem unperturbed by this hostile invasion.
  • 2 snails feasting on said burglary's objective (June 6th 2024 Event)
    June 6th, 2024: The dark sky was the perfect camouflage. 4:30 AM(LFT) A snail was spotted in the empty Mr. Cloud & Mr. Peach feeder thinking she was sneaky and after a long 6 minutes of crawling she RAGED on the leftover kibble. Said snails companion was spotted around 4:38 climbing on the feeders walls with a burning motivation to reach the kibble. At the time of editing(4:43) they have been successful in their burglary without being caught. Here is the first snail checking out the kibble

(Not every cat sighting is documented.)
(LFT = "Local Feeder Time")


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